The Teacher’s Missing Keys & How to Find Something Lost

Earlier today, my classes’ teacher announced after recess that she had lost her keys. She also said that she’d let the class have more free-time on Friday if we found her keys.

It took awhile, and trust me, it felt like millions of years to find them. What happened was, as light shone through the curtains, a wail sounded from behind me.

“I FOUND THE KEYS!!!” One of my classmates howled to the moon. We were pretty happy about it–and my teacher was too.

And so, that is how we found the keys.

How You Find Lost Things:

  • You search EVERYWHERE in your house or classroom {wherever you were last}
  • Get help from friends or family members
  • Try to remember where you left them last
  • And if that doesn’t work, sorry–it’s hopeless. { an example of my crappy sense of humor}

And may the force be with you. 


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