A Jolly Morning & Boring Saturday Plans

Saturday is usually the best day, as it’s the first day of the weekend (yay!) but I know today it’s gonna be a wreck.

First — I was thinking of going to the water park, or maybe even swimming–BUT NO! The rain had to come down and ruin everything. I don’t hate rain, but, why today?!

And to make my wonderful morning even better, guess what mom told me? She was like, “We’re going to Lance’s house later for part of the presentation. It’s going to be fun.” But when moms say something’s going to be fun, right away you know it’s the exact opposite. Not that I loathe Lance or anything–it’s just that it’s kinda (okay, more then that) boring. The only thing I look forward to is the food he makes, which is, I must admit, just perfection.

Anyway…. That’s why I’m a bit mad right now. I’m gonna start praying (can you help me?) for the rain to go away here in Canada.

five seconds later

Well, you could have told me that the rain dance only makes it rain harder. Ugh… That’s it: I give up. Saturday was one of God’s only accomplishments, but even he doesn’t warn you that he can make your day a wreck.

And may the force be with you. And may the rain go away (Remember, NO rain dances. It does not help!



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