A Hard Hit to the Head (Ouch) & Crappy Movies

Yesterday when I was outside with my friends, one of them hit their head pretty bad. It looked like it hurt a lot.

But besides that, we had a fun time. We pretended to be actors and made scripts for movie ideas, and I found out I’m a terrible actor. But who cares? It was still fun.

And OMG! School ends in about 8 / 9 days! I can’t wait!! I’ve been waiting for school to end since, well, the first day of school. And now it’s about to arrive!!

I should have made a plan for my summer, but I don’t have an official one. But I do have some ideas.


* Go swimming for all or most of the day, and then buy ice-cream before heading inside for a sleepover.

*  Spend a whole day online. I’ve done this before, but I want to do it again, this time without falling asleep at the crack of dawn.

*  Get the full version of Wolfquest 2.7 at Raycam with friends

And after that, I’m not sure what to do. Any ideas to plan my totally-awesome-way better then-last-summer?

Please help me & may the force be with you. Cats.


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