Bad Kitty!

I happen to be an owner of two naughty cats who do bad things, earning the title for this blog ‘Bad Kitty!’. Today, I’ll be talking about some of the worst things my cats have done.

First, it would probably be the time the youngest feline of mine, Echo, flung herself at the TV and knocked it over. And it must’ve hurt, because after the TV fell with a boom-crash! she started limping around.

Next would be when Ariel peed on my father’s lap. Still, my dad deserved it, but according to other people, apparently that’s a bad thing. But he SO deserved it…. Is it bad that I laughed at that?

And of course, Cosmo & Echo both claw at the couch. I remember the days when it was a nice, clean, perfect, fluffy sofa, but if you could see it now…

Let’s just say it’s wrecked, torn, half-clawed & not very pretty like it once was.

Do you have a cat? What has she/he done that’s super bad? Let me know in the comments!

Cats rock! (Is that racist dogs?)



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